Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our New Addition!

The moment has finally arrived...are you sitting down?  Okay.. here goes.  Me, the dog lover, has convinced my husband (well...ahem...persuaded deeply) to get a puppy!!  It has taken only 5 years, folks, for me to win this battle.  He just knows how much he's going to fall in love with her and he can't admit it.  :)

I love her to the moon and back already. It's actually been quite the experience watching her grow.  My mom has bred Golden Retrievers ever since I can remember, and often I had litters of puppies in the house.  Just last week there were 13 dogs in her house (10 of which were puppies).  The past couple of weeks literally I have stopped over every day. It's almost borderline stalker-ish.  I just couldn't help myself! They just grow so much each and everyday.  So I'm glad to say that finally I get to take one home to live in our house.  She has about 309410938 toys to play with, however, her favorite is the beat up towel I put in her crate.  Go figure.  PetSmart probably knows a sucker when they see one buying silly squeaky toys because the dog always ends up with a sock or old towel becoming their favorite toy.  And they know it. 

So here she is.. all 8 weeks of her.  Callie.  My Callie girl.     

This is the ratty towel that has captured her heart... and she does like the racoon as well.  

She was helping me take the picture!

She's a handful!  I'm off to chase her around and get out all that puppy energy so we can have somewhat of a good night's rest tonight. :)  Cheers to starting a new chapter in my life!


  1. She is amazing! How is puppy training going? I remember those days, they were exhausting, but so worth it.


  2. Oh my goodness... exhausting doesn't describe it! She's up at least 2-3 times during the night and then up for good at 5:00. It's kind of nice because I feel like my days are super long, but at the same time, exhausting! She's so cute though.. it's worth it!


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