Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March Currently

Thanks to Farley for the link up!

I've watched the Bachelor's my guilty pleasure.  So, if you're a fan too, you and I know that Ben broke the rules of telling 2 girls that he loved them!  Jeesh--supposed to be a secret, buddy!  I do give him credit though... he's wearing his heart on his sleeve and is being completely honest.  Wonder what he's going to do next week. I'm a Lauren fan, so we will have to wait and see who he picks!  

So excited it's March... LOVE THAT!

But it leads to my next worry...about how fast testing is approaching because I'm not sure my kiddos are ready! We have to jam pack everything in before March, and if you teach 5th grade, it's sure a lot of curriculum!  We're battling multiplying fractions this afternoon, and then it's off to my least favorite, which is dividing decimals.  Any tips and tricks?

I need a vacation like yesterday.  Stressed out to the max between work and home.  I need to get away with just my hubby for a bit to unwind and recharge.  I'm sure you can relate... Add a mani/pedi to that and I'm good to go.

And yes, we are a polling site.  We have PD that day while people come in and vote.  The kids get to stay home and have an extra day off.  Works for us, but I am with Farley and I'm not a fan of all those people scoping out the building and acting like they own the place.  I guess we have to remember that schools are designed to serve the community, and if they are a polling facility, then they are in fact providing a service to the community.  Still doesn't make it my favorite day of the year though...

Happy Tuesday!