Friday, August 5, 2016

A favor...Try out my new digital Resource

Hello friends,

I ask of you a favor:

Can you try out my updated African American Research Project "Google Slides Version" and give it a go?

I want to work the kinks out before I post it on TpT and I figured you would be the perfect audience!

I'm new at trying this digital resource out, so there may be some snags that I need to fix.

With everything becoming sooooo digital, it's only fitting that I adapt my classroom to meet those needs.  What I did was take one of my projects and transform it into Google Slides, but I'm not positive all of the sharing settings are good to go.

Would you be SO KIND and download it for FREE in my TpT store and provide me feedback?  I'll leave it up for a week or so, fix it if need be, and then switch to $$.  The good news?  You get to keep it for free. (insert happy dance).

So thank you.

I'll love you forever.  

No seriously.  

It's a promise.  

African American Research Project