Saturday, July 20, 2013

Newbie Blogger here....

Hi friends!
I was scrolling through my blogs on bloglovin' and happened to stop on over to The Meek Moose (and follow her btw..she is great!).  

The Meek MooseShe was commenting that Cindy from Diary of a Grateful Teacher was sad because she had readers, but they weren't commenting on anything she writes.  So she just has these "stalkers" and I use that term lovingly because I, myself, am a "stalker".  I used to read TONS of blogs and not say a peep.  I've learned, now, that that is 1) not nice and 2) bloggers love to hear from their readers and make friendships through their blogs.  

Cindy went on to say that she feels like such a newbie with blog design.  I am right there with her.  I mean, I look at these GORGEOUS blogs and thing, "man, I want that" all the time.  I have learned a few basic things.  It's not much, people, but it's something!  From Marcy at Searching for Teacher Balance she has a good tutorial here about creating a teacher signature.  I also learned that Google is my best friend, and because I am such a visual learner, YouTube is my second best friend in learning how to do things on my blog.  I'm not so confident in writing html code and designing my own blog design, but I got my background from ShabbyBlogs and they're FREE!  And I love free things!  That's pretty much the extent of my learning.  I still can't figure out basic things and that is so annoying to me because I just want it to work!  I'm sure we've all felt this way too at one point or another.

So my question to you, my fellow bloggers, is where did you start with blog design.  Did you have someone do it for you?  If so, who is a reliable and creative designer?  Also, any tips and tricks for blog design?  There are super cute fonts available and buttons galore, but how do you get them? 

I'm going to be brave and try out my first linky.  It might get no one, but at least there's a first for everyone! Link up if you have a tip, trick, or advice about blogging 101.  Let's help each other.  Link up people!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! It is hard to get started blogging, but with each other's support it is totally worth it. I can wait to write a post on what I have learned so far and link up.


  2. Grrr! I would love to link up if I had ANYTHING to share. I have people I have learned from, but like you I am still such a newbie blogger. I learned how to make buttons from Pinkadots (here). They have some listed linky parties for us new guys, but keep scrolling and she has directions for a button. It was super easy!
    I learned how to center my banner from Pretty Things (not a teacher blog, just found it on google).
    And I learned how to alter the look of my blog from Christi of Mrs. Fultz's Corner and Designs by Christi. She has her own you-tube channel here explaining a ton of things. She even creates blogs for us less inclined to create our own. She seems pretty awesome by the way.
    So I know I did not link up, but since NONE of this was in my own head, I think its only fair to share. :)
    I hope this helps and I think you are doing a fabulous job. (PS I will be your friend...I like friends, too.)
    The Teacher Next Door

    1. See Amy!? You DO have things to share! Thanks - I am going to check out all of the above. And hooray for being my friend :)

  3. I so cheated! I quickly became obsessed with what my blog looked like instead of the actual posts. After a couple weeks, I so emailed Chirsti at Designs by Christi and she got me started. Now I can concentrate on what I'm writing instead of how it looks. Sara B

  4. I linked up that post from the other day- and I've got a new one for tomorrow. Made you a link button for it- sent it in an email- but I think you updated your header while I was making it! Ha! Technology is so fast! Let me know if you want me to change it!

    The Meek Moose
    The Meek Moose on TpT

  5. I think your blog looks great! A good blog design is super important! I had mine designed by A Bird in Hand Design (Megan Favre) and I love it. Misty from Honey Bunches Blog Designs is also amazing and she just did some upgrades for me. Check it out if you want!

    Mrs. Mathis’ Homeroom

  6. I was finally going to link up, but I noticed that your linky is closed. Are you thinking about readding it?



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