Thursday, July 25, 2013

10 Things I've Learned from Teaching

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So here it goes.. 10 things I've learned from teaching Fifth Grade:

1.  They are not as "big" as you think.  I remember getting my assignment in a tough school for teaching 5th and I was slightly nervous, but I had absolutely nothing to worry about.  They are just tiny little kids in sometimes big bodies.  It took me a couple classes to really solidify that.

2.  Have a life outside of school!  My first year I really burned myself out and spent too much time doing "everything school." Now I make it a point to make time for myself, and leave when I get to that point where no matter how long I stay at school I am not going to get anything productive done.  I've joined a gym, tried classes, and it gets me out of school.  Sometimes that is the best way to be productive!

3.  Inevitably they will always slip up and call you mom, and then turn 1314 shades of red and pretend like they didn't. :)

4.  They will always remember when you slipped up and said something silly or got something wrong. I was reading The Great Gilly Hopkins,  and if you've read it, you know there are a lot of inappropriate words.  I was thinking about something else and reading aloud, and I slipped and said, "damn" and immediately slapped my hand over my mouth.  [Imagine the shock and horror! haha!] That happened in January and my kids were still talking about it in June.. *sigh* That must have been good dinner table talk at home.

5.  Don't eat in the staff room.  There's too much negative talk up there.  

6.  Even if your lesson plans don't go the way you intended them to, keep calm and act like it was the plan all along.  If the kids see you falter...not good.

7.  It's ok to mess up! My kids LOVE when I mess up a problem on the morning math and they get to correct me.  Sometimes I lie and say, "good, I did that on purpose to see if you're paying attention!" but really... I messed up.

8.  The janitors are your best resources.  Be nice to them.  They can find things in the building for you that no one else knows exist.  

9.  Have at least 1 piece of chocolate a day.  It makes everything better.  

10.  Love the students like they were your own children.  I've learned that they just "know" when you really care for them, and that makes the relationship they form with you that much better.  Sometimes you are the person who gives them the most attention and love, so don't take that for granted.

There are a million other things I've learned from teaching.  In fact, I learn something new each day.  That's why I love my job!  They teach me more than I teach them.

Keep learning, friends! 


  1. Hey there,

    Don't you wish they taught us this in college?!?! This is my third year of teaching, but my first in 5th. I came from 4th so i'm just a little nervous. They are mostly bigger than me! ha! Good luck this year!


    1. Don't be nervous! Especially if you came from 4th.. they are just slightly bigger :) They can also do more independent work and you get to stretch their ability and understanding.. it's such a fun grade!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for this!! I'm starting my first year teaching in 5th grade and this was a great post for me to find!!

    1. Great!! It's always scary that first day in any grade! I'm glad you stopped by my blog!

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