Thursday, September 3, 2015

September Currently

Thanks to Farley for this fun link up!  
Bring on September!!!

Totally vegging out on the couch watching some good ol' Goonies right now...what a classic!

So I haven't gotten a paycheck since early June.  Let's just say that my bank account is VERY happy to see my paycheck again tomorrow!  

This week has been unseasonably hot and humid in CT - several districts have gone home half days this week because it is just sooo hot.  But not us.  We sweat.  It's supposed to be 90 all weekend and I'm so tempted to squeeze in another beach day - why not?!

This summer TV is for the birds.. I need my Scandal and Blacklist back ASAP!  

I need a massage...standing all day does a job on your back.  My niece says I'm  "totes cray cray" for not scheduling one these days.

My three goals are pretty simple, IF I stay on top of it and not let my desk get out of it is already and it's only the 6th day of school.  My plan is to stay late 1 day a week and get most of my grading/organizing/copying/planning done so I can stay current and leave on time to pick up my little one on the other 4 days.  We'll see if this happens.. Also, I'm SO CLOSE to fitting back into all of my pre-pregnancy pants.  I'm technically the same weight as I was before my daughter, but the weight must have shifted because I can't quite fit in everything.  

One thing I did do for myself was schedule a Stitch Fix.  I'm hooked, you guys.  I was on the fence for SO LONG and finally I just did it.  My first box - kept 1 shirt. My second box - kept the whole kit and kaboodle!!  My 3rd is on it's merry way to my house and I can't wait!!  Don't wait around like I did forever--schedule one.  It's so worth it for the sheer joy of seeing the box when you get home!  It's the little things....If you want to, you can use this link to schedule your fix!

Happy September!


  1. HEY YOU GUUUUUYS! LOVE the Goonies!Oh....the desk. I don't know what happens. It's totally clean and organized and in like five minutes it has piles all over it again! Love Stitch Fix. I suspended my account when I got pregnant. I'm almost to my pre-pregnancy weight. Once I'm there I'll have to start getting my Fix again!

    1. Yes!! It's so HARD to get back to pre-pregnancy..but you can do it!!! I just keep a shelf of my closet for things that don't fit, and eventually everything ends up back in it's original place! Keep it up!

  2. I love The Goonies too! I have long been a teacher who stays late one night a week (usually Thursday) to get all of my plans and copies finalized for the next week. It makes my life so much easier and it's only one day!

    I want to try Stitch Fix so much...but they don't carry things in my size. :(

  3. Good idea to stay late just one day! I think that'd make me feel less guilty the rest of the days.

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