Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ready to go exploring...starting with the Vikings!

I kick off my explorer unit with a mini study of the Vikings.  The ruthless warriors.

My SS text doesn't cover these people in depth ( paragraph) so I'm always looking for things to supplement.  


I found a GREAT site that I wanted to share.  

First, the Vikings are known for their sagas, or stories, and the kids really get into them.  I used to have this ancient record player I'd drag into class and they'd think it was so cool to play a record....well...I think it's finally died.  Enter this site.  The BBC does such a great job with these sagas, and I've treated my students to one a day (they're about 5 minutes each).  

They are funny and do a great job of modernizing these sagas so the kids can relate and remember them. 

My second site is also a BBC site.  

There's different tabs for the kids to browse.

Each tab has sections that break up the main topic, with pictures and videos.

There's games to play...the kids loved this!

The quiz was also great for the kids who are fast finishers.
I made a 10 question web quest for this site and you can get that for free here.  I also made an answer key so you don't have to go searching for answers.

**public service announcement - the content is no longer updated by BBC, so some of the videos may not work.  I still encourage you to use this site, as there is tons of information on it!***

The kids were engaged..they were learning new content...there was technology involved...WIN WIN!!!

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