Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Currently

Hello November!!!  

For me October was a rrreeeaaallllyyy long month so I am SO excited for November and my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving!

I'm linking up with Farley for her November currently....

The first two are I'll skip those.  Who doesn't love fall weather!?  Crisp mornings, beautiful leaves, warm beverages..mmmm.

Thinking:  So I've got a lot on my mind.  I'm border-line overwhelmed with school and life events.  I mean, the hubs and I are taking on a huge adventure in our personal lives, and that is on the fore-front of our minds 24/7.  We just want everything to work out the way it's intended to.  We know He has a plan, we just have to trust.  Combine that 24/7 thinking about our "stuff" with school "stuff" like SLO's, PLC's, observations, figuring out what to teach and HOW to effectively teach the CCSS each day (the list goes on), it's overwhelming!  It takes a toll on the body, and we as teachers need to remember to take care of ourselves and carve out some much needed "us-time", even if it's just shutting the door during our planning time, or taking 5 minutes to visit the bathroom uninterrupted, or going on an impromptu shopping excursion...we just NEED to put ourselves first sometimes.  

ok I'm off my soap box.

Wanting: same idea, with a new purse thrown in.  Who doesn't love a new purse?

Needing:  With buying a new house comes needing some furniture.  The folding table in our dining room is sufficing just fine for now, but I've got my eye on a beautiful one from Gardener, MA.  If you're in the area, it's this huge warehouse of furniture that is amazing! We got our bedroom set there and it's amazing.  So, I will wait...patiently.  I could use a few rugs though... 

Yummy pin:

This is super easy.. and it has quickly become a family favorite of ours.  We've made it about 3 times just in the month of October.  It comes from the food network, from the kitchen of the Neely's.  I made it as one big apple crisp and didn't include the nuts, and it was fantastic! I love the idea of serving it in individual sizes too. 

Happy November!



  1. You are right, He has a plan. May your mind shut off tonight so you can have a peaceful sleep.

  2. I love Fossil, too. :-)
    Good luck with all the things going on in life and hoping you can relax a bit this weekend.

    From Mrs. Allen’s Teaching Files

  3. Apple crisp with a strong cup of coffee always makes me think of my Grams.


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