Thursday, October 31, 2013

5th Grade Math Project idea

Did someone say math project


Even better...  it's one that the students can do with no parent help.  

Still's easy to grade, and it's a fun project to share with the entire class!

It's called "___(student's name)________ by the Numbers"

Essentially, the students get to choose significant numbers in their life that mean something to them.  There is a specific rubric and direction sheet to follow, and they can be as creative as they want in the final project.  

Let me show you some examples of this year's projects:

I love this project for a lot of reasons:

1.  It's a great back to school activity to learn about your students.
2.  It is easily differentiated so every child is successful, no matter what their math ability.
3. It makes the children think about significant numbers in their world.
4.  It lets children be creative, and show some artistic license.
5.  It's a great sharing tool to build classroom community.

When we shared our projects, I had each student use the overhead doc camera and walk through the pages they wanted to share.  Some kids were shy and only wanted to share select pages, and it's OK!  I want them to all feel comfortable with their peers and be able to share their world with each other. 

I can't say enough how much I enjoyed this fun activity! You can grab your copy here for FREE!!

And this is exactly how I feel about Halloween:

Just change Wednesday to Thursday and you've got it!!  On Friday morning, we're going to have a lot of sugar-crashed zombies sitting in front of us! Can't wait... Happy Halloween!

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