Saturday, November 8, 2014

Day 3 with Nicki Newton - Decimal of the Day

So today let's talk about Decimal of the Day.  Yesterday was Fraction of the Day, if you missed it!

This follows the same thinking as Fraction of the Day.  Again, Nicki recommends that this is done at least 2 times per week to keep the skills fresh.

I squeeze this in on my morning math each day, which I talked about yesterday from the lovely Stephanie in teachinginroom6.  You could, however, make this much more elaborate and make the kids really THINK about decimals, which is the point! 

So, use dice, or a deck of cards, or just write a decimal to get started.  Here's a list of questions you could ask with the Decimal of the Day:

1. Write the decimal in word form
2. Write it in fraction form
3. Write 2 decimals that are greater than this number (Show them all on the numberline)
4. Write 2 decimals that are less than this number (Show them all on the numberline)
5. Write the decimal in expanded form
6.  Add .9 to this decimal
7. Subtract .9 from this decimal
8. Multiply 2 by this decimal; Write a story about this equation
9. Round it to the nearest tenth and hundreth
10. Compare it with symbols to 2 other decimals

You can grab a freebie worksheet that I made up at my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.  Because really, why re-invent the wheel when I already have one! And it's free!  

You might choose to do this as the students are coming in in the morning, or as an exit slip, as a guided math center, as a differentiated center activity (use different decimals), or as a whole class review.  I'd be curious to know how you implement it in your classroom.

I also found this great website to create decimal squares for templates.  It's a great item to put in the student's tool kits for this unit.  You can grab those here!  The website is  

Another great decimal tool is the decimal hundreds chart for those students who have a hard time visualizing decimals.  Get a free copy here!

Finally, here's a couple of great anchor charts that I will be making for my classroom to accompany our unit on decimals.  

I got them all off Pinterest by searching 'decimal anchor charts.'  So many great ideas to choose from!

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