Friday, September 12, 2014

My little, adorable, bundle of joy reason for being M.I.A.


I haven't blogged in forrreevvverr BUT I have the greatest reason why!!

I had a baby!

She and I are hanging out at home until mid-October, so I've gone off the grid, so to speak.  

In all honesty, between lack of sleep and adjusting to life with a newborn, my world (and house) has l.i.t.e.r.a.l.l.y. been turned upside down!  

And I wouldn't change any of it for the world!

So, meet my reason for staying M.I.A. this fall:

Nora Mae
6 lbs 10 oz

She turned 6 weeks today!  

So even though I am taking this time off from blogging... there's always ideas floating around in my head that I can't wait to blog about once I get back to school.

But for now... I'll stick to diaper changes, laundry, and spit up.  I'm one happy mama!

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