Thursday, July 3, 2014

July Currently

Wooo hooooo July is here!!!!  18 more days till baby!! I can't wait!!!  Besides not being able to sleep or see my feet, I am so swollen it's starting to hurt! And my hands fall asleep often, like right now, while typing.  I'm ready to trade these symptoms for a baby any day now.  With that said, my July currently, which is currently LATE, is baby themed because that's all I'm really focusing on at the moment.  

Thanks Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for this linkup!

I've got a big to-do list today and hopefully this eliminates some of the incessant thoughts about what I "need to get done" before the baby comes.  One of the big ones is I've got to get the carseat installed today.

I do want a clean house - but I'm so limited because I can't bend so well...and my back hurts every other minute.  I do it in shifts because I can't stand a mess!  

Needing...don't get me started.  I'm trying my best to save some $$ this summer because I won't be going back to school right away and therefore... I won't get paid.  But my toes!  My hubby paints them for me (after much nagging and complaining) but I would so love some TLC on my feet.  I'd paint them myself but I can't seem to reach them!

I'm so excited for the 4th!  It's one of my favorite holidays because it's all about family and fun for me.  I am secretly hoping that my 5th graders will remember the Revolutionary War and remember the REASON for the holiday while enjoying fireworks and fun.  Next year, my family and close family friends are headed to Hawaii.  That means 11 adults and 2 1-year old kiddos.  Should be interesting. We're going to pin all the details down this weekend so we can get this plan into action! Can't wait!!

Hope you all have a GREAT 4th!! Enjoy some relaxation and family time!  


  1. I remember when I was pregnant I had my hubby paint my toes all the time! He never did a great job, but it was better than nothing and I appreciated it nonetheless! I too, have been secretly hoping that my students will remember the real reason for the 4th of July and not just focus on the fireworks and barbecues! I am so jealous that you'll be going to Hawaii next summer! Have a blast planning it! :-)

    Life As I Know It

  2. I think it is absolutely precious that your husband paints your toes for you. That is definitely the sweetest thing I have heard in a long while. Planning a Hawaii trip sounds like so much fun. I've never been, but it's on my list of things to do. I hope you get some really good rest before you baby comes!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy! I was hoping you might hop over to my blog and enter my giveaway! Thanks!!
    Teacher’s Lounge


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