Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Currently. late....really late.

Told you I'm a procrastinator!

So, the first one is obvious.  I've got laundry.  It's one thing to put it in the dryer.  It's another to fold it AND put it away.  I struggle with that last one.

I woke up this morning in CT, got dressed, showered, and ready for school as usual.  Sports Center was playing in the bedroom so I have no real contact with the outside world.  I get downstairs, let the dog out, blah blah and turn my phone on and there's this text from my good friend Courtney saying "I hate you today!!"  Puzzled, I listened to my VM and sure enough! No school!  And there wasn't even any snow on the ground at that point.  I flip on the news and tune into reality and practically the whole state is closed, except for Courtney's district.  That's why she hates me today.  So what a pleasant surprise that I got a snow day!  And she forgives me.  All is well.

I've got 3 new books to read that are taunting me.... 2 are Jodi Picoult and 1 is The Westing Game that I've got to read for school since my kiddos are in a literature circle and I've got to stay ahead of them.  I want some peace and quiet to read read read!

My lovely roommate had a daughter a couple weeks ago named Ada.  I'm dying to get down to PA to visit her.  She's only 6 lbs 6 oz at this point and she's 2 weeks old! What a peanut!!

So my 2 and 1:
skiiing-TRUE!  I wiped out while skiing with my husband (we weren't even dating at that point) and ended up with a pinched tendon in my right shoulder.  It's safe to say that I've given up skiing.  Just not for me.

England-  TRUE!  I lived in Cheltenham for 3 months during college and made some ahmmmaazing memories there.  It will always have a place in my heart.

Flute- FALSE! I played the trombone all through school.  I can't even get a note out of a flute!

Happy February everyone!  


  1. My mom still plays the flute...don't know how you get a note out of it either! I would love a snow day so I can curl up with a good book too! Too bad that will never happen in San Diego ;)

    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  2. True Stephanie…. San Diego is tough for snow days! Love the name of your blog!

  3. Hi there Kristin! I'm here from the link-up... I saw your button and had to stop by. I teach 5th grade as well - there aren't as many of us 5th grade bloggers! Anyhow, your site is beautiful, and I've added you to my blog list.

    I've been hearing that with so many snow days, some cities are going to be doing Saturday school. Is that true? That would be my worst nightmare! It's currently around 70-80 degrees here in Arizona this week... I figured I'd make you jealous. :)


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