Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Excellent Math Website Resource

Hello out there! 
It's been a has been mighty busy.  I came upon this website today and I wanted to share it with you because it's QUICK, EASY, and USER FRIENDLY, which is something all of us teachers are trying to get our hands on.  It's for ALL grade levels, K-5.  Even better, it's got resources for math journals, math projects, and math vocabulary resources.  And they're all free! Woo hoo!

Here it is:

This week in my classroom we're covering 5.NF.1 and 5.NF.2 (fractions, fractions, fractions) and this was a great resource to steal borrow from to implement quick lessons and games into my math instruction.  

I checked out this page on the fifth grade link because I'm doing this standard all week.  I like the closest to 25 game and perhaps I'll play that on Friday as a review.  

This is the title page for 5th grade resources and right at the top are the journals and vocab activities I mentioned earlier.  They split it up by subject on the left which makes for easy navigating.  

Number and Operations in Base Ten

I love how I find a great resource and think to myself, "Where was this 3 months ago when I needed it?"  So I hope I made your day by finding an easy accessible website that you can use to add to your resource pile!

Happy's alllllllmost Friday!

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  1. I love K-5 Math Teaching Resources. I use their Daily Journals that are CCSS aligned. It's right up there with Learnzillion and Studyjams for me.
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