Sunday, August 25, 2013

Classroom Pics

I've worked pretty hard this last week getting the classroom ready for the kiddos, who come WEDNESDAY {slightly panicking}.  And the classroom is never truly "done" so there's always something under construction.  I'll share with you what my room looks like and take you on a little tour!

My school was built in the 1950's, and has never been renovated, so bear with the color scheme...

Here are some "before" pictures:

And the afters:

Have you tried these wall pops?  They are super easy to put on and I'm excited to try them out this year as dry erase boards!  I bought them on Amazon here.  They have tons of colors to choose from!

This is my "star students" board where I'll display a great piece of work from each student.

I teach the moon first in science, so this is a store bought (gasp!) bulletin board.  Below are student mailboxes.  I keep all of the student's papers there and send them home once a week.  Next to the mailboxes is my newest addition to the classroom: one of those straw dispensers that I'm going to use for pencils! This should hopefully eliminate those picky kids who spend hours picking the "perfect" pencil.  I freshened it up with a bit of washi tape.

This is the library.  The bins are labeled by genres with non-fiction bins above.  Above the rocking chair are genre signs that you can get here for free!

Here's where I put the current reading strategy we're working on.  I love the sticky post-it chart paper because it's super easy to put up and down!  The frames are going to be filled with kid-spirational quotes soon...I'm waiting for the color printer to get connected!

This is my desk.  I opted to get rid of my old rickety teacher desk and replace it with a simple table and sterilite container.  It adds room in my classroom and is a better fit for me.

Here's my file cabinet which doubles as a lunch count center.  I put the student's names on magnets and they move their name to what their lunch choice is for the day.  Above is my "no name" board which is where I stick all those papers who have no names.   It's simple to make: a piece of molding or wood, painted, and clothes pins that are hot glued on! viola!

My room is certainly not perfect and I am always changing it up and adding pinterest creations to my room!  Thanks for stopping by!

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